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Drew's Hard Routine Empty Drew's Hard Routine

Post  Andrew on Sun Apr 11, 2010 3:47 pm

Hello all, the book I wrote below is long and really only meant so that I can knock out the specifics of what I'm doing. So if you're not bored enough to waste time reading it, here's the summary:

For the past few weeks I've been on something of a hard routine, and for the four weeks I have left before i leave for the summer I'm putting it into overdrive. I'm going to start adding the crossfit football strength WODs to my daily WODs, I've come up with a new warm-up routine to practice the exercises I'm bad at, I've reformulated my current diet plan, and I've worked out a few ideas to manage my time better so I can get to bed at a reasonable hour.

I'll be doing daily posts consisting of the following:

- Daily food intake - worked the diet out to a 17 block zone diet
- Times I went to bed and got up (ideally up before 8 and asleep before 11:30)
- For time management purposes, how much time I spent studying each day (ideally at least 2 hours) and how much time I waste on TV or aimless web-surfing.

Feel free to post comments or ideas, they're always welcome.

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Drew's Hard Routine Empty Re: Drew's Hard Routine

Post  Andrew on Sun Apr 11, 2010 3:58 pm

After attending last week's seminar on the "hard routine," I've made up my mind to get in gear. We talked about being accountable for ones goals, so I'm going to start posting here, and I welcome anyone who wants to call me out when they see me breaking my rules.

The routine is broken into three categories: fitness, diet, and time management. The last one was originally just focusing on my sleep-schedule, but after thinking about it I'm going to focus on the underlying problem, that I'm a serial procrastinator and that I wait until the last minute to do everything, hence why I'm up until three doing math problems.

Dave admitted this at the meeting, and I have to agree, that most of us started exercising seriously because we want to look good naked. For those of you who are wondering, yes, that's why I started, and yes, I'm starting to look pretty good without clothing. And now I've found I have some secondary goals as well. I'm still getting tired while doing regular workouts. I know sometimes I don't push myself because I'm afraid my asthma will kick in. Other times I feel like I don't have the endurance to keep up. As far as strength goes, my arm lifts have gone up considerably in the past few months, but my lower-body lifts have been rather static since I got here.

I've decided for the next four weeks I need to start making at least four workouts a week, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. While I'm in, I'm going to start doing crossfit football with a few other people, or I'll at least start doing the Strength portion of the CFFB WOD with whatever we're doing that day. The combination of the strength and metcon workouts will hopefully move me forward on both fronts.

There are a number of individual exercises I'd like to improve on as well, and in order to get more practice on all of them, I'm going to incorperate them into warm-ups. I'll switch these off every other day:

Warm-up 1 (Monday/Thursday): 15 of each
- Sampson
- Overhead Squat
- Hip Pops from knees (not sure what these are actually called)
- GHD Sit-ups
- Hand-stand Push-ups
- Pull-ups
- Double Unders (50)

Warm-up 2 (Tuesday/Friday): 15 of each
- Sampson
- Burpees
- Back Extension
- L-sit (30s)
- Ring Dips
- Strict Pull-ups or Muscle-up Transitions
- Row (500m)

On top of this, I've got to find a regular care physician. There was really only one time since I started, back last year some time, where I was afraid I was having an asthma attack after a workout. It hasn't bothered me greatly in a long time, but it's not really something I'd like to chance.

I've broken my diet down into a liberal 17 block zone/paleo format with some ideas from the Paleo for Athletes book. The book is more geared towards endurance runners, but I've been trying the pre- and post- workout drink ideas for a while, and they both seem to help me recover pretty well. I'm also going to up my fish oil intake and have two with breakfast and one with dinner.

07:00 Breakfast (3B)
11:30 Lunch (3B)
3:00 Snack (3B) - lunch meat with a low fiber carb (i.e. turkey breast and a banana), something that will digest by the time I get to the gym.
5:30 Pre-workout Gatorade
7:00 Post Workout Shake (3B) - Drink 1st half immediately, sip rest until dinner
3 tbsp whey
1 cup berries
fruit juice concentrate
a few tablespoons of dextrose for harder workouts
dash of salt
8:00 Dinner (3) - Potatoes on WOD days to help with recovery.
10:30 Snack (2)

On non-workout days, Lunch, Mid-day snack, and Dinner turn into 4 block meals and are spaced a little differently to make up for the lack of the shake. I'm letting a little leeway and saying that I get two small cheats a week. Not whole meals, just something small (which will probably end up being a couple of beers one night and a cookie).

This is all very structured, and I'm going to need to be a bit liberal about the times, but my life is already very structured around classes, and I've been following something pretty close to this diet for the past few weeks. The only issue with scheduling is breakfast. I always roll out of bed and go to school in the morning, and I don't end up eating until lunch as a result. Hopefully if I can start getting up earlier then I'll have more time to cook something and this won't be a problem.

To keep track of this and hold myself accountable, I'm going to start posting my food intake on the forums daily.

One of my big problems is not sleeping, and as a grad student this isn't out of the ordinary. But right now I'm also wasting possible sleep time surfing the web or watching TV for unacceptable chunks of the day.

I guess it just comes down to regulation my schedule like I did my diet. I've set up Google Calendar to my daily schedule so I can track what I need to do and what I actually end up doing at certain parts of the day.

On the forum I'm going to include the following in daily posts
- Time to bed the night before - ideally between 10:30 and 11:30
- Time out of bed - ideally between 7 and 8
- How much time I waste surfing the web or watching TV. I don't believe this number will go to zero often (only 6 more episodes of Lost left, like hell I'm giving that up), but I'd like it to be less than a half-hour.
- How much time I study each day - ideally two hours.

That's about it. Feel free to comment, berate, etc.

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Drew's Hard Routine Empty April 13th

Post  Andrew on Mon Apr 12, 2010 11:39 pm

8:45 - BFast - Turkey, Apple, Peanut Butter Truffle (off to a good start)
11:40 - Lunch - Some of a crappy cobb salad (chicken breast, romaine lettuce), an apple, macadamia nuts
3:30 - Orange, turkey, macadamia nuts
5:30 - Gaterade
7:00 - PostWOD shake
8:30 - 3 Eggs, Potatoes, olive oil, and another truffle (who's keeps leaving these things out?!?!?!)
11:30 - Apple w/ spoonful of almond butter

Went to bed last night at 12:30pm, woke up at 8:03am.
Spent about a hour doing official studying and research, and about an hour slacking and watching TV.

Went a little heavy on the apples today. Rushed out of the house this morning and forgot a few things. Tomorrow will hopefully be better.

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Drew's Hard Routine Empty Tuesday, April 13th

Post  Andrew on Wed Apr 14, 2010 12:04 am

Went to bed around 12pm. Ok. Woke up at 11:30am. Fail! Rushed to school to get to class and meet with my advisor, so I didn't get any breakfast.

2:15 - Apple, Turkey, and macadamia nuts.
4 - Banana, Turkey, and macadamia nuts.
6 - Gaterade
7 - PostWOD shake & walnuts
8 - Chipotle chicken salad with salsa, onions & peppers, and guac.
9:30 - A beer with a friend
11 - Two eggs over easy, walnuts, and a glass of Orange juice.

Didn't get any studying done today, but I did spend about four hours on homework assignments.

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Drew's Hard Routine Empty Re: Drew's Hard Routine

Post  Andrew on Thu Apr 15, 2010 12:40 am

Got to bed last night about 1am, got up at 8am. Talked to Chuck today, realized my hard routine is going to need to get harder next week. I'll probably start measuring out zone servings.

8:30 - 3 Eggs w/ Olive oil and a glass of OJ
1:30 - Salad w/ a chicken breast & a couple of slices of bacon
5:30 - Bunless burger, an unsweetened ice tea, and french fries from Fudd's
10:30 - A chip with a mess of Buffalo Chicken dip and a truffle.
11:30 - Apple with almond butter

Got about 3-4 hours of research work done.

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Drew's Hard Routine Empty Re: Drew's Hard Routine

Post  Andrew on Fri Apr 16, 2010 12:15 am

Bed at 2am, up at 12:30pm.
3 - Turkey, banana, and macadamias
5 - Gaterade
6:15ish - Shake and walnuts
7:30 - Chicken (w/ a little parm cheese sauce), Potatoes w/ Olive oil, Healthy portion of mixed vegetables
11:30 - Two eggs, an apple, walnuts

No studying, about a half hour of research, and 2.5 hours of slacking.

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Drew's Hard Routine Empty Re: Drew's Hard Routine

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